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Marketing TechTalks 

Account-Based Marketing with 6sense May 21st, 3pm ET

Join us on May 21, 2019 as we chat with the experts from 6sense about account-based marketing technologies.

The conversation will focus on the importance of having visibility into buying signals from multiple people from the same organization across every channel.

Our 30-minute webinar will cover: 

  • Personalizing content for strategic accounts

  • Having visibility into campaign responses & sales touches

  • Capturing intent signals and connecting it to prospect accounts

  • Analyzing buying signals over time

How do you keep up with the 7,000+ marketing technologies available to you?  

Marketing TechTalks is a monthly webinar series geared towards helping marketers understand how technology can help you go digital, engage customers and grow revenue.  Each month we’ll dive into a corner of the MarTech universe with an expert in the space to discuss how these technologies are used and what problems they are solving.  

Meet Your Webinar Presenters:

Susan Peterson Schatschneider

Sr. Director Digital Demand at 6sense

Susan thrives in companies with a bold vision where change and growth are constant. Susan is inspired by creating the marketing execution strategy and building out the technologies, teams and programs to deliver results, agility and scale. Susan demands that we mix the art of messaging and the science of digital marketing – testing and learning from our failures, our data and our customers. Susan is fulfilled by working in environments of trust with great partners and developing high preforming teams. 

Majda Anwar

Senior Marketing Strategist at The Pedowitz Group

Majda Anwar is a Senior Marketing Strategist who has spent the last 10 years helping marketers connect their activity to revenue. She’s traveled the world leading engagements with marketers to craft and implement strategies related to demand generation, account based marketing, marketing automation, content marketing and marketing operations. 

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